Monday, September 19, 2016

How we got to where we are...

...which, currently, is complete chaos.

I've been a terrible blogger (same story, different year). But I will tell you that literally days after I last posted about the birth of my nephew, our lives went nuts. Our sweet Crosby was hospitalized with RSV which threw our family in a tailspin. (He's, thankfully, perfectly healthy now but it was enough to rock our worlds.)

Shortly after that, we put our house on the market. March 7 to be exact. And I had to start my new mantra...

You see, I don't do well with change. Or transition. Or [insert any other synonym here].

I'm German. I'm Type A. I'm a ES-something or another on Myers-Briggs. You get the idea. This and me don't do well together.

My heart knew it was time for our family to move, but my head said "Nope. Don't. Never. Stay put."

But, nevertheless, we dove into decluttering, house staging, and house showings. AKA- I had to make all beds every morning before leaving the house and made checking the toilets a regular pre-exit strategy.

We had great showing traffic but, alas, our driveway deterred several most all who came by.

So, weeks went by and then months. I even addressed the elephant in the room.

It was getting frustrating, but I know the timing would be exactly perfect. I just wished I could have a hint of when that perfect timing would happen.

Fast forward to July 20 while in a taxi cab in NYC headed to see our dear friend, Drew, in Waitress. We accepted an offer on our house and were officially under Due Diligence.

These are some happy faces right here...

(BTW- best show ever. More on that hopefully still in 2016 later)

I let out a teeny sigh of relief when the status officially changed from A (active) to D (due diligence). And celebrated by not making my bed that day.

So, Step 1 was done. And I quickly realized that we needed a new home now. So, I emailed our most awesome realtor, Barbara, from our hotel in NYC a list of houses I wanted to see and she made the appointments for when we got back that Saturday. And so began our quest to find a new home...

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