Sunday, November 6, 2016

Jake's First Communion

This sweet boy had a big milestone in the church this spring...

First Communion.

First Communion is different in all churches and denominations. And even different in every Lutheran church.

Our church used to do First Communion in 5th grade. It was a huge deal and you spent all year with Mr. Bergen learning everything and anything about the sacrament, the tradition, the meanings, etc. It then ended during Holy Week (Maundy Thursday) where you did a big project, a big presentation and had a banquet.

Well, times have changed and, though Chad and I both had experienced the 5th Grade Mr. Bergen Communion Class, we have come around to enjoy the new tradition in our church.

When a child over age 4 feels ready to receive the sacrament of Holy Communion, they can join a class (I think 2 are held each year) and spend several hours with their parents learning and studying. Then, we have a certain Sunday where they can take their First Communion.

One of the lessons was how they make our communion bread.

Jake also had to make a banner...

He was so proud of himself, and though he was a bit nervous because "everyone was looking at him," Uncle/Godfather Joe took care of him and made it a special night.

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