Monday, November 7, 2016

We've got a new kitchen, friends!

Breaking news in the new house! The kitchen remodel is finished (well, finished enough to take some pics). Daylight Savings came in handy with that extra hour this weekend. (And I am not kidding.)

For those who didn't see the kitchen when we moved in, it looked very much like this (according to Zillow):

First thing was first...get rid of that upper cabinet:

Next up, our very talented friend and tile professional, Brandon, did the awesome pewter gray subway tile backsplash.

We desperately needed some blinds in that room. As much as we love our new neighbors, it was kinda weird to be so "exposed" while eating dinner.

We did trim paint and wall paint (no pics as that's not that exciting), and then finally, the cabinets.

Holy breakfast table, batman. Cabinets are NO. JOKE.

And finally, the AFTER! We love how it turned out (and seriously, it was like super cheap doing it ourselves despite not having a weekend without work since August). Lowe's was super awesome to work with especially when we had to abort the first cabinet color because it turned out this weird purple color and then had to do two other trials before finding the "right" black.

(And I look at these pictures now and wish I had the photog skills like the Zillow site photographer but you get the general idea that this kitchen looks completely different.)

(I'll tell you what did stay in that kitchen...the teeniest cutest ceiling fan ever.)


Kelly said...

Wow, it looks totally awesome!!

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