Monday, July 26, 2010

Brooklyn's Beach VACATION

Brooklyn wasted no time in literally diving right in to the beach. She had an awesome VACATION because it was 100% fun 100% of the time (I mean, with Aunt Patty driving you around in the golf cart, Nanny taking you to the pool, Bryce playing games, and having a fun bedroom with Daddy and YOUR OWN TV that stayed on Nick Jr all the could she not have the time of her life!?)

She did so great with the pool...and by the end of the week was dunking herself under water and looking through her goggles.

And what's not a family beach trip without a random Easter egg hunt thrown in?

This girl is a typical 5 year old...when she's happy, she is the most joyous, beautiful, blessed angel there ever was. But when she's not getting her out! But, as you can see, we had "blessed angel Brooklyn" all week because it was her VACATION.
Dancing on the beach...

Drinking some capri suns...

Brooklyn is continuing to enjoy her summer with Daddy. They take trips up to school so Chad can work on his classroom and tutor, making stops by Feeney's for some frozen yogurt along the way. And many days are spent in one of her, now 4, baby pools or the slip-n-slide in the backyard. They've bowled, played mini-golf, played real golf (I believe my child even drove the golf cart on one visit), and even fit in some fun Kindergarten workbook activities to keep her mind sharp.
This was our last summer vacation, and we won't travel again until Drew's wedding Labor Day weekend when we are headed to Asheville. I have to admit that last week I did enjoy myself, but just kept thinking "oh, in three years, this will be soooo much easier!" Then, my "vacation" will become a VACATION again. :-)


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