Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy 9 month birthday, Jake!

...and of course + one day. It is completely unrealistic for me to think that I can take a picture, load it, write a post, and publish all in one evening after work. :-)
These pictures pretty much accurately sum up what is going on with Jake. This month has probably been the most challenging of all. Jake has finally reached the frustrating stage where his body is just not doing what his mind wants him to. He wants to crawl soooooo bad, and is so close, but just hasn't gotten the coordination right yet. He kinda "butt scoots" around a bit and is a rolling champ, so he is semi-mobile...but no actual crawling yet. He is starting to pull up more, too.
Jake had his first fever virus this week. Between that and teething, we really haven't had a good night's sleep since before our beach trip. Chad and I are just chanting that old parent mantra "this is just a stage...it will get better." And we've taken to just realize that we may be walking around with dark circles under our eyes for a while. At least I have the power of Maybelline concealer.
So, what else is Jake-Jake up to these days???

He is wearing size 12-24 month clothes and still wearing size 4 diapers. At the doctor's office today, he weighed 24 pounds and 12 ounces. He has really plateaued in his weight gain (thank goodness!), and has only gained about 8 ounces in 6 weeks.
Jake has this awesome cheesy grin that he pulls out every once in a while. I think he knows it cracks us up. He also has his normal precious smile (accented with now one teeny bottom right tooth) and a fabulous contagious belly laugh.
Jake still enjoys playing in the pack-n-play every once in a while...and the exersaucer in small doses. He really just enjoys sitting in the floor on the blanket and playing with his toys (or Brooklyn's).
Before Jake had his fever he was sleeping un-swaddled a few nights. But, unfortunately, the past week's sickness has caused Jake to scream whenever he goes to bed...and usually scream every hour throughout the night. We have gone to swaddling him again just to get him to go to bed quietly. It's all about survival in the Johnson house. :-)
Jake is still solely breastfed and eats three solid meals a day- breakfast (cereal), lunch (fruit and veggie), and dinner (fruit and veggie). Now that he is 9 months I am gonna start introducing some more "exotic" foods, like blueberries, apricots, etc. I also have started throwing a few cheerios on his tray just to see if he is interested. Fortunately, he has the "technique" down to pick them up...he's just not totally into eating them.
Jake is definitely growing his personality more and more each day! He is completely loved by his sister...and has experienced more than his fair share of head butts to prove it. I love each and every stage my children go through, and I cannot wait to see what the coming month brings!

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