Friday, July 23, 2010

Our Annual Ocean Isle Vacation

This year, we stayed in a 5 bedroom house in Island Park- 37 Atlantic Way. Vacationing in this house were: the 4 of us, my parents, and the Patterson family- my "aunt and uncle" and their son and grandson. It was a full house, but oh so spacious.

Yes, that is an inflatable pool and a golf cart...we live it up on vacation!

During the week, we celebrated an anniversary...

Time with grandparents...

Even an Easter egg hunt...

And a birthday or two...

But most of all, we played and played and enjoyed the beach and time together.

I have so many pictures of the kids that I hate to narrow down. Stay tuned for more posts on Brooklyn and Jake and their fun beach times!

I'm thinking about getting one of those "free" canvas prints that they advertise on the internet. Has anyone done this? What do you think about this picture?

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