Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jake's Beach "Vacation"

There is so much to say about our vacation, I just have to do this in smaller posts instead of one large one. I want to start with Jake and his "vacation." I love how my friend Elizabeth put "vacation" in quotes on her blog, because that's exactly how it is with a baby. Sure, it's a break from work, from home chores, from the general routine of day to day life, but it is definitely not a vacation from the constant diaper changing, feeding, napping, entertaining, and hauling around a baby requires. Not to mention the extras, like sunscreening a squirmy 8 month old, daily pitching a tent on the beach, carrying around 4-6 chairs at any given time, and bathing an extremely sandy (and again, squirmy) boy in the kitchen sink.

But Jake was none the wiser and just so happy in this big giant sandbox.

He was just so amazed everytime he woke up and saw that there were 9 other people living in our house ready to play with him.

He loved playing in his seal baby pool.
And he loved swimming in the big pool.

He even got a new Cars float for the occasion from Nanny and Grandpa.

Unfortunately, though, Jake was kinda "off" during the week. I kept thinking it was just a change in environment that was totally screwing up his sleep at night. Or maybe even an ear infection. But when we got home, I felt the teeniest sharp bud of a tooth poking through his bottom gums. The boy is finally teething!

This constant knawing didn't given clue me in because he's been doing this since Month 3.

But, as always, Jake was a sweet, happy, joyful boy during the day (it was just the nights that started to wear on mama towards the end of the week). And I loved the opportunity to spend 9 straight days with my precious boy who is growing up so fast before our eyes.

Stay tuned for Brooklyn's Beach VACATION post...

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The mom said...

I love seeing pictures of Jake. He is THE cutest stinkin' thing ever! I could eat my Jack with a spoon, and Jake comes in at a very close second. Looks like you guys are enjoying your summer, hope all is well :-)


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