Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Day Morning

Before Brooklyn went to bed Christmas eve, she picked out two (quite large!) cookies for Santa Claus.

Santa needed those cookies to give him the energy to carry all this loot down the chimney...

And yes, Santa wraps EVERYTHING.

On Christmas morning, we awakened to find this...

And, unfortunately, this...

Poor Brooklyn was not feeling so well when she woke up. So we propped her on the couch with a bowl and a towel and just brought her little presents one at a time.

But Jake was ready to roll!

She perked up a little bit when she saw that Santa brought her what she REALLY wanted- Zhu Zhu pets!

And she really loved the pre-school memory book from Mommy and Daddy.

And once Brooklyn felt a little better, there was one more surprise.

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