Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It only took 2+ years...

I haven't publically stated it before, but I am not the world's greatest interior designer. I tend to go simple, symmetric, and predicatable. I wish I could be more creative...let me rephrase. I wish I had the MONEY to be more creative. But I do what I can with what I have. My dining room has always been a work in progress. We did the beadboard the day we moved in (thank you, Dad and Larry!) and painted walls that week. I had big plans to do a "beach theme" where I had all black and white pics of Brooklyn at different ages at the beach. But then, we had Jake and I started to rethink "Brooklyn beach." So, I looked at various artwork in stores- canvas prints, wall sculptures, color prints, black and white drawings, wrought iron, tapestry, and on and on and on...

But then I got a fabulous deal on a family photo session from Molly Cook, and I soon had my vision. Here are some (not great) photos of some wonderful photos of my family of 4. Now, I think my dining room looks perfect. :-)

And my next project will now be a "Brooklyn Beach 1/2 Bathroom." :-)

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Why Momma Loves the Maxi Dress said...

Oh Jaclyn, I just saw this!!! It makes me so happy: ) You are right, it looks wonderful!


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