Thursday, February 10, 2011

A 15.5 Month Update

Just a quick post to let you know that I took Jake to the doc this morning for his 15 month check up.

Shocker: He was not a fan of Dr. D. SAY WHAT???? This is no child of mine. We have the BEST pediatrician in the world. Seriously, like I wish he were MY doctor. Brooklyn loves him and Jake has always loved him, but today? Not having it. In my mind I was saying "Look, Dude, you think having your ears checked is bad...just wait 5 minutes for when the nurse comes back with 3 shots in hand. You are gonna be begging for a heartbeat listen."

But Jake is a healthy baby boy. And that's all that matters. Despite him being thoroughly pissed off during the exam.

He weighs 26 pounds, 7 ounces (75%) and is (I think) 32 inches long (85%). That's when he started to lose his mind so I got a bit distracted. Head measurements were right about 50%.

Despite having a touch of a runny nose and cough, he is doing great this winter and is hitting all of his milestones perfectly. We got several comments about what a "great little talker" he is. I just say that in our house you have to learn to talk, and talk loud, if you are gonna get anything. :-)
Jake continues to be a great eater. He eats whatever we eat for dinner, which makes life and mealtimes super easy now. He's started running- not walking any more. And he has figured out how to climb up the outside of the staircase in the house. We blocked off the stairs with an ottoman, but he just figured out how to climb up the side by holding on the railing. Little Spiderman.

And yes, he sported his UNC pajamas the other night at bedtime. It amazes me how Facebook exploded last night over the Duke-Carolina game. I have never claimed to be a die-hard sports fan. In fact, I would probably always prefer playing a sport over watching it. But being a Carolina alum, I obviously have mad-love for the school and always hope for a win. However, I will never seem to understand the ultimate HATRED that people have for Carolina. I mean, what did the school ever do to you? Did the beautiful campus offend your senses? Did the historical Old Well spit in your face? Did Dean Smith kick you in the shins as a child? Probably not. But people still continue to hate on a school that I find to be one of the best academic institutions in the USA. And a school that provided me with 4 of the best years of my life and 5 of the bestest friends ever and a sorority with sisters to last a lifetime. So why the hate, ya'll. :-)

But I I tend to do in this blog.
And I celebrate a great game last night (though a loss)...
And I celebrate even more a HEALTHY, HAPPY (except at the doctor's office) 15 month old Jake-Jake!

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Holly B. said...

I just want to say that I completely agree with you over the Carolina hatred! I have even blocked the comments of a casual friend because he has become SO annoying over it. My biggest complaint with Dookies...theytalk more smack about UNC than they have good things to say about their own team. You don't see the Tarheels acting that way. I digress! Jake is totally adorable and getting so big!! And I love his pjs. :)


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