Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A whole lotta nothing...

*I'm trying to lose more weight...I think it makes me crabby/happy at the same time. Therefore, my mind has been a constant newsfeed of calories in/calories out. It's so time consuming but totally worth it.

*I am currently obsessed with watching the Kennedy Home Videos on TLC. There is just something that fascinates me about that tragic family.

*Jake is growing up so fast. He is repeating a lot of words now, continuing to be a little flirt and social butterfly, and 90% of the time moving too fast and running into walls and chairs and cubbies. We get a lot of calls during the day from school just letting us know that "Jake is OK but when you pick him up you will notice..."

*Brooklyn turns 6 this month. I have been struggling with what to do for her first birthday out of pre-school....who to invite, where to hold, etc. However, I made some plans this week that I am super excited about. More on that later!

*I have a new love. My crockpot. Recently, we started "Slow Cooker Sundays" where I make a meal before we leave for Shout (evening worship service our band leads), and then it is ready to go when we return home around 7:30pm. Favorites have been Crock Pot Pizza, Pot Roast, Crock Pot Lasagna (thanks, Joni!), Taco Soup, and Ground Beef Stew. I have found that the best way to choose recipes is to ask people. Trial and error is nice for some, but I prefer having a recipe with a personal endorsement.

*We just dedicated our new worship space at church. It's designed for Contemporary worship and our band is really enjoying the space.

*Work is super busy as always, but I love what I do, and I am so thankful for a job.

And speaking of thanks...

*I am so thankful for friends who are pregnant and having babies. They completely give me what I need as far as a "teeny baby fix," and I can happily return home knowing that my family is complete.

*I am thankful for friends that currently have kids and loan me their clothes. My children will never go naked, and I am so thankful that we can all share clothes and baby stuff. What a money-saver!

*I am thankful for grandparents. Chad and I are so blessed to have parents that (1) live close by, (2) are available when needed, and (3) love their grandchildren and cherish every moment that they can spend with them. They certainly make our crazy life easier to manage.

*I am thankful that Jake sleeps 10 hours a night...I just wish it were 8:30-6:30 instead of 7:45-5:45. :-) Seeing a 5 on the clock in the morning just mentally makes me sleepier. :-)

*I am thankful that my daughter is coming out of her shell at school...I just wish it were in front of us. :-)

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mamacarson said...

OK... so just set your clock ahead 15 minutes and maybe you will feel better??

Also...you cannot throw our all of this fabulous bragging about your brilliant Sunday night meals without sharing the recipes. Hello!!


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