Thursday, February 24, 2011

This is what 6 looks like...

Today I wish my sweet girl (oh, how I want to type "baby girl" there but it just isn't so!) a very happy birthday! 6 years ago, I became a Mommy to the sweetest baby, Brooklyn Marie.

Brooklyn Marie is now 6 years old today.

In 6 years, we have gone from Elton John... Hannah Montana.
From the first day of preschool... the first day of Kindergarten.
From a Carolina Cheerleader... a Barbie Cheerleader.
From bald and beautiful... just plain beautiful.
And from being the "little sister"... being the Big Sister.

And what a perfect Big Sister she is.
Happy Birthday, Brooklyn!!! I love you more than words in a blog could express. You make me so proud of you everyday, and I fall in love with you over and over again each time I see your smiling face. Thank you for making me a Mommy, and thank you for being you.


Em said...

So sweet! Happy Birthday Brooklyn!!!

T. Poole said...

Wow, time is flying! Happy Birthday, Brooklyn!

Jaime said...

Happy Birthday Brooklyn! Jaclyn I wish I was as good as you are with the blogging. It's so cool that you do that and I enjoy reading your entries! Caroline just turned 7 last week and as proud as I am of her it hurts my heart a little to loose that "baby girl". Take care.

Elizabeth LeConey said...

I loved this post! Happy Birthday Brooklyn! It's so sad how fast they grow up!


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