Thursday, December 15, 2011

Deck the halls...

Brooklyn and I were playing around with the camera tonight, taking a few pictures of the Christmas decorations.
This year, we have both the "family tree" and also our Chrismon tree. (Chrismons are ancient Christmas symbols used as Christmas ornaments.)

Our family tree is about 6 feet tall this year. We only were able to put about a third of our ornaments on it, but that's OK because I tried to put out all the "memorable" ones. I also had to strategically place them because of a precious, yet semi-wild two year old living in the house. :-)

In placing the ornaments on the tree, I started thinking about the fact that the more I get "help" decorating each year, the higher the chance I may lose one or two each year to an unfortunate fall. I thought that, maybe, I should snap a few pictures of some of my favorites

There's no way this one will break, but maybe in 30 years when it's still one of my favorites and a bit faded, I will want to remember this sweet ornament made by Brooklyn in pre-school.

This was a gift to us from and made by my friend, Stacey, after we were married. I LOVE this one.

These ornaments were made by my grandmother. Every year, since when I was very little, my grandmother always made us homemade ornaments for Christmas. I have a ton and love every one of them! And it made it really easy when I left home and married to have a good "start up" supply of ornaments for our first Christmas tree.

This star is among about 5-6 stars that were made by my sweet sister in law, Caroline.

This was one of Brooklyn's "First Christmas" ornaments.

And this is a pic of Brooklyn on that "First Christmas." My bald princess!

These dance shoes were a gift from my childhood dance teacher, Blanche.

This star was made by my Oma. She used to make a ton and I have memories of learning how to make them as a young girl. They are so fragile, however, and I only have one left.

This trumpet is one of Chad's childhood ornaments. He has memories of placing this trumpet as the last ornament on his tree every year.

I love this "First Christmas" ornament we received as a gift after we were married.

I absolutely LOVE this ornament I received as a gift from Jake last year. This was made at his preschool and it was the picture they snapped while trying to get a cute pic of him underneath the tree with a Santa hat.

This was an ornament made for me after our annual Christmas dance performance, The Magical Night Before Christmas." It was a dream to get to be old enough to be a "red lady" that danced to "Santa Clause Is Coming To Town."

My "First Christmas" ornament.

And Jake's "First Christmas ornament" with that sweet baby boy face.These are just a few of the very many ornaments that mean so much to our family. They really all do tell a story. Chad and I have already started a collection of ornaments for each of the kids so that, one day, they too will have plenty of ornaments on their "first tree."

Merry Christmas, y'all!

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