Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Way Back Whenesday: The Big Guy Edition

Let's take a peek down Memory Lane, shall we?

Christmas 2005: Picture Picture
Christmas 2006: And the fear begins...

Christmas 2007: I didn't even argue.

Christmas 2008: I always make sure I wear something neutral and/or festive at this point.

Christmas 2009: Considering I didn't want a 6 week old baby laying on a cootied Santa lap, we just all planned on being in the pic this year. :-)

Christmas 2010: Jake's Santa pics at school did NOT go well so I didn't even try this year.

Christmas 2011: Again, didn't get a good report from the Santa visit at school this year, but we still went to the mall to "visit." Had the line not been a million feet long, I would have tried, but we'll's only December 21st. :-)

Ho, Ho, Ho, friends!

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