Saturday, January 14, 2012

Learning Something New...

You may recall this post here. I was super excited to have created new home decor but had no way of sharing it.

Today, I can happily report that I am a Pinterest newbie. Therefore, this week, I have spent an obsene amount of time on this website early in the morning, in the evenings watching TV, while on the elliptical, and embarassingly enough, sitting at longer stoplights.

And being the "sharer" that I am, I want to utilize this website to YOUR advantage so I can share what I have actually done.

Now, I know you can "follow me" on Pinterest, but wouldn't it just be easier on everyone if I can just post here what I have tried out?

But, I am not one that has time to read tutorials on the web (I am feverishly typing this quick post while keeping a sickly, clingy Jake busy on Netflix on the iPad), so I have taken to the "click around and hope this works" method.

Therefore, here is my test. I hope you see a delicious spaghetti stuffed garlic bread that we made for dinner last night. If not, you will see a bunch of jibberish.

And because I am really testing my internet knowledge here, I hope you see this dessert that I made last night as well. I really hope you see this dessert because it was even better than the spaghetti bread.

Let the pinning begin!

1 comment:

JaclynJohnson said...

It works!! However, I need to figure out a way to make these pictures a bit smaller. It just seems wrong to have a dinner picture completely overshadow the pics of your kids. :-)


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