Friday, September 16, 2011

If I knew how to "Pinterest"...

I haven't jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon yet. Not from lack of interest and intrigue, just lack of time. And it took Chad to tell me that it wasn't pronounced "Pin-interest." I'm just not there yet.

So, I am proud to say that I came up with this idea all on my own.
About 1 year ago.
And I'm just now getting around to doing it.
Since I was finally tired of looking at the Michaels bags on my floor....for a year.
(Hey- I never said that I was quick with creativity.)

Let me start by saying, "Do any of you moms have stacks and stacks of kids artwork that you just don't know what to do with?"

Me too.
I don't keep everything the kids bring home but I do try to save about 1-2 things a week from each kid. And, I really wanted a way to display some of this artwork in the house.

But I had run out of wallspace downstairs.

So, I decided to frame some of their art to hang upstairs in the hallway leading to the bonus room. I also wanted to include some pictures of the kids around the ages of when the artwork was created.

I ordered 6 black and white 5x7 pics of the kids together from Shutterfly and then bought 11x13 "floater" frames from Michaels. I only buy frames when I get the yellow "extra 25% off wall or tabletop frames" coupon in the Michaels Sunday or Wednesday ad. It comes pretty often now and made these 9.99 frames (which were also on sale that day one year ago) about $4.50 each. So, a pretty affordable project at about $35.00.

I couldn't decide on only 6 pieces of art so I doubled up and layered in half the frames and then used other art as mattes for the b/w pictures.

And here they are hung in the hallway...

Each "photo-less" frame has one piece of art from each kid. For example: The one below has

a "dot" painting from Jake under a ladybug made by Brooklyn.

So, I guess if you like this, you can put a pin in it.

Or however that works.

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Elizabeth LeConey said...

You are funny! And I think I just might "pin" it!


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