Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Carolina Girls...the Best in the World! (Seriously)

Saturday, I had the chance to celebrate the birth of this awesome girl....
Pimped out the minivan....

And drank a little bit of wine (several different times).

Saturday, the Carolina Girls of Granville Towers East took on Yadkin Valley.

And boy, did we take it on!

100+ miles of laughing, singing, dancing, laughing, drinking, celebrating, reminiscing, laughing, and eating....and some more laughing....and then a little more drinking.

I would not have wanted to spend my Saturday any other way.

In case you forget who my Carolina Girls are, you can click here. :-)

But if you know just how special these chicks are to me, you can keep reading about our adventure.

The true meaning of the day stemmed from celebrating the 30th annniversary of the birth of the "baby" of the group, Loryn. Loryn's only requirement for her celebration was "togetherness." But Loryn also loves wine :-). So, we decided to combine the love of wine and our love of each other to do a 4 stop winery tour in Yadkin Valley.

We started at Hanover Park in Yadkinville.

We enjoyed a fabulous picnic lunch at a Carolina BLUE table. :-)

Our next stop was RagApple Lassie in Dobson.

Due to a gnat problem, we kept our stay short and sweet. But took a few pictures (of course!).

Next up was Stony Knoll Vineyards. Also in Dobson, but the location for a wedding so we had quite a short and sweet tasting in the facility's carport. A bit ghetto, yes, but fun nonetheless.

Finally, we made our way to Shelton Vineyards. The Mecca. The Homeland. A gorgeous spot for our final destination.

We went inside and did their tasting.

And took another picture.

We had about an hour between the tasting and our dinner reservations at the Harvest Grill, the restaurant on-site. We took advantage of the GORGEOUS weather and had an "appetizer picnic" outside at one of the picnic tables.

Then, at 6:30pm, we headed inside for dinner to celebrate the birthday girl one more time!

After a delicious dinner, we went back outside to enjoy birthday cake and squeeze a few more minutes of "togetherness" out of the day. With (almost) 9 kiddos among us, having 9 hours of undivided attention is quite a feat. But we did it. And enjoyed every.last.second.

And I also enjoyed the cups Jennifer brought for our picnic. Loved this!

Happy Birthday, Loryn!! Thank you for being born. And thank you for being part of the greatest thing that college gave to me.

Here's to many more hours of "togetherness!"

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