Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Try it! You'll like it!

These days when I am running I find myself singing that Yo Gabba Gabba song, "Try it! You'll like it." What? You don't know that song. Then consider yourself very lucky. :-)

But, regardless, that's kinda been in my head lately because that's how I have started feeling about this whole running business.

I kinda like it.

More accurately, I kinda like the size 6 pants I wear now because of it.

I have seen such great changes in my health and body since I started running, so I am quite motivated to keep up this new hobby.

And I am really excited to say that I conquered this:

This past Saturday, I ran my first ever 5K. Ok, to be fair, I walked the first .1 mile because I had always started my routes with a power walk and then a run. I was afraid my legs wouldn't know what to do if I started running immediately. Chad made fun of me a bit, so I did just 3 minutes of walking and then ran the rest of the course. That was the longest distance I have run at one time up to this point. And it felt great when I finished!

Here we are before the race. The HP Central Drumline was playing, which is why Brooklyn is blocking her ears and Jake is completely disinterested in taking a pic.

And here I am coming into the Finish!

And for the sake of "When I get around to scrapbooking:"

Official race results say that I came in 64th place out of 239 runners.

I was 11th out of 36 females age 30-39.

Gun time was 34 minutes and 23 seconds.

Chip time was 33 minutes and 54 seconds.

It was a 11:05 mile pace.


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