Sunday, February 5, 2012

Update and Slow Cooker Sunday: A Big Fat Disappointment

BlogPress on my iPhone has been a big, fat disappointment this week. I have a super cute video on my phone too big to email and it won't post to the blog.

Speaking of big disappointments, tonight's Slow Cooker Sunday probably fits into that category. I was in the mood for ribs and Harris Teeter had Angus Beef Ribs on sale. We normally get pork but I thought, hey, let's try it out.


They were really fatty and practically meat-less. Definitely not doing that again.

And speaking of fat, tomorrow kicks off Season 3 of the Girl Scouts Biggest Loser. My Pinterest recipes will probably be turning towards the healthier side...and the yummy desserts may be put on hold for 12 weeks. I would love to lose another 12-15 pounds this season. I also may start P90 in March....MAY start.....

Here's hoping I get this BlogPress to work....that video is way cuter and more entertaining than listening to me talk about my diet.

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