Saturday, August 18, 2012

Family Camp '12: Been there, done that, tie dyed the shirt

Lest you think that my "poor children" missed me while I was gone, let me give you a quick peek at what went on during Family Camp.

In no particular order, there was:
Build-A-Bear, tent napping, Golden Corral, giant cupcake baking, library visits, picnics, National Science Center, puppet shows, McDonalds, bandana painting, t-shirt tie-dying, Great Grandma visiting, pin worm treating, Burlington City Park rides, dollhouse playing, story reading, pedicures, napping with Grandpa, tea parties, and CiCi's pizza.

And that was just Wednesday.

Ha ha. Joking.

But that still was all impressively squeezed into 5 days.

Oh, and Welcome Back party planning.
Here were some of the great tidbits I got via text and email while I was away:
Text from my mom 1:14pm Wednesday (not 3 minutes after they were picked up): "Brooklyn says to gpa...want to see my sports bra when we get to your house?"
Email from Brooklyn 10:14am Thursday:
Dear Dad and Mom,
We baked a big cupcake. We ate pancakes. We played dollhouse a lot. vyrrgfgfhhvfgdyfjd that means i love you.
Text from Brooklyn 5:19pm Saturday: "I love you. Mommy and Daddy this message is for both of you you now 12. Your the best. I love you guys. Good bye."
Text from Brooklyn 4:09pm Sunday: "Jefghdghasgdhjasgdhag it means how are you? Your the best! Do you eat meat there? Do you eat cereal there? From Brooklyn. What are you doing tonight in calaforna? How are you doing with the cat?"

Thank you to my Mom and Dad for making this trip possible by watching my precious angels for 5 days and nights. The kids had a great time and came home appropriately spoiled but well adjusted. :-) And though I didn't like it, they were also good about telling me to "stop calling and enjoy myself like a big girl" so that I kept "mom %" to only 1%. Chad thanks for you that, too. :-)

Hmmm...I wonder if Family Camp runs all year long?

And is there a Groupon?

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