Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What would Heather Locklear do?

So I'm in a blogging funk. I am still exercising, still have belly fat, still have precious kids, still making Pinterest dinners, and still have a fabulous yet busy job. So, what's new to write about?


Hear me out...

I've given Jillian a break because of a crazy August planned, so in the meantime I am doing Zumba and the elliptical (because it is way too hot to be running outside). I found that 30 minutes on the elliptical is not enough, but 43 is about perfect.

And coincidentally the same amount of time as an episode of Melrose Place on Netflix.

So, I decided to watch the entire series of Melrose Place this year while on the elliptical. It's not rocket science. But it is fairly entertaining.

And gets me back on the elliptical.

So, occasionally I would like to enlighten you with things I learn/ recall from this wonderful time in history we like to call "The 90's" in a series I'd like to call "Only on Melrose Place."

Only on Melrose Place...

1. $10 a sufficient amount of money to hand your sister and say "treat yourself to the movies tonight" while one has dinner with your husband's best friend

2. slamming down a ginormous corded telephone considered "dramatic."

3. I reminded of my days in the mid 90's as a sales associate when I had to swipe credit cards with the big machine and carbon paper.

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