Monday, August 13, 2012

Oh, where to begin?

Most of the time when a blogger goes on hiatus it means one thing: vacation. :-)

I posted a few things on Facebook while I was gone, but I keep that private so if any shenanigans happen, I know where to turn. Ha! The blogosphere is a bit different.

But let's back up about 10 days...

Chad and I celebrated our ten year anniversary on Friday the 3rd. While I had thought ten years was "tin," it turns out 10 years is more like "pin."

"Pin worms" to be exact.

Poor sweet Jake. He caught these horrible bugs sometime in the last month and they attacked him hard.

He's been treated. In fact, we all were treated as a precaution. Happy anniversary, honey.

When chad and I started thinking about what to do this summer for our anniversary we tossed a few things around. Los Angeles came up a bunch because (1) we were there last summer for my bro's wedding and didn't get to see any "adult life" and (2) free place to stay.


Well, in chad's mind, you cannot be four hours away from Vegas and NOT go, so we decided to do a combo trip. Fly into Vegas for two nights then road trip it to Cali for a few more nights.

We are quite adventurous, aren't we?

What a trip it was! The precious ones stayed with my parents (and from this point on their whereabouts shall be known as Family Camp).

After lots of preparation for Family Camp, I had about an hour before we had to leave for the airport Wednesday to get myself packed and ready to go. Good thing we only needed these:

Two suitcases! That's right! Only 2 as opposed to last year's NINE.

I had a good Oprah ugly cry when the kids were picked up, told myself to put on my big girl panties, and away we went.

My brother, Eric, and sister in law, Caroline, worked Wednesday and then were going to drive and meet us in Vegas. They didn't get there until way late, and Chad went right down to the craps table.

But I was in heaven because I could do this:

And not feel an ounce guilty for it. :-)

Nothing like a little Will and Grace on your king sized bed.

It had been a long day, so we turned in "early" (relatively speaking for Vegas early), and I dreamed of all that awaited me the next day...

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