Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter Sunday Moments

Easter Sunday was a special day for many reasons...

First, the Easter Bunny paid a visit.

Jake was super excited to see all his goodies...

Brooklyn took a few moments to wake up...

But she got very excited when she saw that she got another girl-doll matching PJ set.

50% of my children were interested in taking a picture.

Brooklyn and Chad went to church that morning while Jake and I visited my grandmother.

We had a good visit as Jake is quite the entertainer.

And delegater.

We had a yummy lunch with my in-laws and then I squeezed in a Zumba class at 3.

We headed to church for Shout Easter service where, during practice, Chad received the call that our sister-in-law's water broke.

4 weeks early.

Sometime in the middle of the church service, we got word that she was admitted and they were going forward with the labor and delivery.

Then, the waiting game began....

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