Monday, July 22, 2013

Beach Re-Cap #1 of 2: Sand and sun all week long!

What a great week at Ocean Isle last week! With just rain as we drove in Saturday and 20 minutes mid-day Wednesday, we were very lucky to have great weather and special time with awesome family and friends for 7 days straight.

This year, the boys were roomies.

Too cute.

And the girls were roomies. Brooklyn was THRILLED to be in my bed....and I made sure there were plenty of pillows between us so she didn't continually jam her feet up my pj shorts all night long.

Not much outside time day 1, but plenty of snuggling time and wearing bathing suits.


Our first slushie of the week. And there were many more where this came from.

So many that Jake pretty much knew the drill right away and had no problem bringing up his cup and ordering his daily strawberry.

Sand monsters. :-)

They also had a great time in the pool, where this week, Brooklyn learned to do handstands and Jake started jumping in by himself (with his puddle jumper).

The requisite family pics...

"Surfer" kids

Of course, the BEST part of the week was quality time with Uncle Eric and Aunt Caroline.

And lots of great Nanny and Grandpa time.

Bocce is a favorite for several.

But I prefer the water and my beach chair. :-)

Thank you, Mom and Dad, for a GREAT family week at the beach. This 9th annual fun-fest never disappoints and we are so grateful for this time every summer!

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