Tuesday, July 9, 2013

So, it's Ra Ra Carolina-lina!

Y'all, I can't even post about our July 4th weekend yet, because I was too excited to post this.

Yesterday goes down in history as one of the best.days.ever.

It took an online meeting scheduler, five husbands, a mom and grandmother, a minivan, and a three CD set of choice music to get the six of us to Chapel Hill.

But we did it. On a weekday.

And not even morning Charlotte traffic and 9 children could keep us away from our little piece of heaven.

10am (ish) yesterday, me and my five best college girlfriends loaded up into the party van and headed down I-40 to revisit a place that held SO many memories for the 6 of us.

15 years ago, we were 6 separate girls attending multiple separate college orientations, preparing to later that summer move into Granville Towers East to start an amazing journey.

If you would have told me then that 15 years later, I would have the friendships that I do now with these women, I would have said "no way/orientation stunk/i'm leaving in a semester/I miss Greensboro/I miss chad/etc."

And then I would have popped in my Tae Bo DVD, loaded some new music onto my Napster account, and turned my back to you.

And boy, do I thank God every day that I was totally wrong.

UNC-Chapel Hill provided me with an amazing education and a wonderful opportunity to learn independence, personal growth, and responsibility.

But all that's great and all, but UNC-Chapel Hill gave me these ladies.

My Carolina Girls.

We started our day with lunch at Top of the Hill.

We went with no real plan. Just an expectation to have lots of togetherness and laughter. As we went on throughout the day, we just kept finding more great things to do and re-live.

Here's some togetherness on the Quad. Since we rarely had time in college to literally "stop and smell the roses," we decided to "stop and sit on the Quad grass."

We also became "semi-creepers" and visited our old dorm rooms. And took pictures in front of them.

Here is my roommate, Heidi, and I in front of sophomore year's room, 606 Granville East. Heidi and I were roommates all 4 years....best.roomie.ever.

We had to get a pic at the Old Well. I actually became "that person" who said to the Junior girl taking our picture, "Oh, enjoy every minute of college life. It goes by TOO FAST."

5 of us were in the same sorority- a Christian sorority, Phi Beta Chi. Last year, we were super excited to hear that the chapter acquired a house for the very first time. We were blessed to be able to pay a visit and even got a great tour of the house.

See? We were legit...our pics were even in the living room hanging on the wall!

And I think the house mom thought it was pretty cool when we pointed out in a scrapbook that three of us later married our Fall 2001 semiformal dates. :-)

One of the dorky pretty awesome and innovative things we did was take our pictures by the buildings that housed our majors.

And finally we ended our day at Mama Dips for some awesome home-cooking and a few more minutes of togetherness before heading home.

What a day! Truly a blessing and a great experience re-living some of our greatest memories in one of the greatest and most beautiful places in the world.

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