Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Beach Re-cap #2 of 2: But wait, there's more!

While the weather was 98% gorgeous and we spent a ton of time outside (thank goodness for good kids who are getting older, do not require naps all the time, and love the beach), we did also have plenty of fun doing other things.

When you vacation with a film maker and production manager, it seems only natural to make a commercial one night.


It really started with Chad telling Eric about this random meal that his brother told him about. Someone Chad's brother works with LOVES a meal of branch lettuce and eggs. Eric thought that was the most random thing ever- and apparantly a great topic for a commercial, so in about 2 hours, we churned this baby out.


It's random, I told ya.

One of MY favorite things at the beach are these...

Our family demolished 10 pounds of those suckers.....and agreed that next year we will need 12.

We celebrate many birthdays, both belated and advanced and actually on the day.

The kids LOVED their presents from their aunt and uncle.

It took Jake a while to warm up to his puppet, but they soon grew very tight.

And Brooklyn received this awesome Magic Set that, I kid you not, was pretty amazing and mind blowing. She may have a future in Vegas....wouldn't Daddy be happy about that?!

And yes, a special man turned 36 while we were at the beach. Happy birthday, sweet hubby.

And then he, in return, gave a 30th anniversary gift to our aunt and uncle, a serenaded Hootie song.

We had several evening get togethers with one of our favorite families.

And I always love some quality time with my favorite mama.

"Down time" involved playing on Apple products...

Or just plain snuggling...

And I happily obliged when Brooklyn asked is she could give me a pedicure.

Because of all the birthday and anniversary celebrations, we found ourselves making quite a few desserts. Nothing like walking through Ocean Isle with baked goods.

Good thing I ran 5 days while there...because I think I ate cake 6 days.

It really was a great week, but I miss everyone already! I wish I could pack up my brother and sister-in-law in my suitcase and take them home with us. Thank goodness for social media to stay connected....and thank goodness our kids still have no concept of time and seem to pick right up with them minute one. :-)

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