Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snowmageddon 2014: Day 2, what I've wanted to say all day on Facebook

Being home for over 30 hours, I could have been tempted to spend a lot of time on Facebook. But much to my waistline's dismay, I've been on Pinterest and in the kitchen instead. And actually read a book.

But had I been on Facebook, here is what my status's would have read all day long:

I recently found karaoke songs on iTunes. This cannot be good. You have been warned.

(Upon realizing tonight is Thursday) YES! Honey Boo Boo and Myrtle Manor are on tonight. Don't judge me.

Does anyone else hate wasting a "good bra" when just hanging out at home wearing pajama pants?

#snOMG. I'm over it.

Each member of the family now has their own Netflix profile and corresponding list. #whathappenswhenatypeApersongetssnowedin

Why is it that Brooklyn can write all her valentines and address each member of her class from memory, yet I can't remember what I decided to make for dinner tonight?

Snowed in with a pantry full of snacks and an active paypal account. I'm in trouble.

All my Pinterest snacks and crafts require the same ingredients. I'm going with the snacks. #snowedinproblems

And a picture. Cause I did remember to take another one today.

Here's hoping we bust out of this joint tomorrow!

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