Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snowmageddon: Day 1, Hour 1

I got home from work at 1pm. It's now 2:28 as I sit and type this. In one hour we have run around in the falling snow, thrown snowballs, complained about cold necks and wet gloves, made hot chocolate, made chocolate chip cookies, said the hot chocolate was yucky and wanted goldfish and apple juice instead, swept up spilled m&ms, seen a meltdown from the kid who you would not expect a meltdown from, had a long talk about meltdowns, loaded the dishwasher, prepped for dinner, and marveled at how much mess can be made when the whole family's home for just an hour.

Hour two started with an episode of Curious George on Netflix and a hot shower for mom.

But at least I got some pictures this time around.

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