Monday, July 21, 2014

A July Picture Dump

Picture dump just sounds so harsh...but that's really all this post is- a place where all those random pictures on my phone can live, so I can erase them.

And so my phone will stop telling me "there is not enough storage left for back up." #firstworldprobs

So, here's some randoms from the first half of July.

Pool date with one of my besties, Sarah, and our coordinating polka dot bikinis.

Fun at Graham's birthday party at a gym in Winston Salem. Jake had a blast in this foam pit.

Chad and I trekked down to Charlotte for the night to see this guy. Love our Brendan James.

Brendan happened to be opening for this Andy Grammer guy. Kinda a big deal apparantly in the tween, teen, and young-ish adult music world. I was impressed. :-)

Brooklyn's becoming quite the photographer.

The kids grew up a TON this month. Facial hair and everything.

We were fortunate to have a great visit with one of my oldest friends and her family visiting from Russia. It's like no time has passed (except 7 children) and our kids had a great time playing together.

Sunday, July 13 (after our family camp weekend), we headed to the Winston Salem Children's Museum for Super Cooper's superhero birthday party.

And then, to top off a fun (yet exhausting) weekend, our closet decided to collapse. Right when we laid down in bed for the night.

And yes, it was still there in the morning. And is actually still like that now, over a week later.

Some things just aren't a priority.

Maybe I'll have a nice neat closet picture for you for the second half of July's photo dump.

Maybe not.

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