Saturday, July 19, 2014

Let's not forget the rest of the holiday weekend...

July 4th was really just a great weekend all around.

The next day, we cleaned up from our cookout, and headed to the pool with Jake's pre-school friends. Brooklyn had a friend come with us, too, and we all had a blast!

Later that evening, we had a nice dinner at Chad's cousin's house and had some good family time.

And Sunday, we watched the Big Brother premiere with our God-family and attempted a new S'mores recipe. (You do see a theme with the Henzlers, don't you?)

These were S'mores crescent rolls. Not epic, but not terrible. Just not memorable. They could use a bit of tweaking and there is s'potential there. We just need to do a little more research.

But Brooklyn and Joe had a great time making them.

Though I am definitely a bit late with these posts (hey, it's still July, though!), I hope you all had a fantastic holiday weekend as well.

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