Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Way Back When-esday: Some Flashbacks

Every once in a while, I get serious flashbacks. Something will trigger it- an outfit, a backdrop, even a smile. And thankfully, I have Shutterfly to refer back to to scratch that flashback itch.

Like when Claire was born and I couldn't get over how much she reminded me of Brooklyn.

Or like when, at Allie's birthday party last month, I made Brooklyn and Allie re-enact their first meeting from March 2005.

Or, at our July 4th party, I was reminded of three other little girls sitting on a blanket in our backyard.

[The top picture is (Little) Allie, Brooklyn, and Zoe in 2007. The bottom is Allie's sister, Madeleine, Claire, and Zoe's sister, Bella in 2014.]

I just love modern helps me not have to think so hard and capture cool flashback moments like these!

1 comment:

Cheryl Lage said...

Thank you SOOOO much for playing along! What WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL images of darling kiddos...I remember your posts from Way Back When they were so small! :)

All the best to your beautiful family!


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