Friday, July 18, 2014

July 4th...Because nothing celebrates America's independence like Texas Toast

We had a fabulous July 4th holiday with family and friends. About 42 family and friends to be exact. And like 16 kids....but I'm not positive on the number. I think I lost count after about a dozen.

We have a great backyard for cookouts, and thankfully the weather was perfect and we weren't all sweating in our hamburgers.

Before everyone arrived, we played with the self-timer app on my phone...
And only one outtake, too...not bad.

The kids were so excited waiting for guests to arrive on the front stoop.

Unfortunately, with all the food replenishing, I didn't take pics of everyone, but snapped as many as I could at a few different moments.

What a fabulous day off! Nothing beats time with family and friends....and a quarter pound of meat between two pieces of Texas Toast. Yum!

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