Thursday, January 7, 2016

December Update: The FINAL #splitaplatelosesomeweight update!

Welp, we did it.

We made it 12 months on the #splitaplatelosesomeweight plan.

The results?

Did we save money?

Did we lose weight?
Nope, not a pound.

But it was a challenge. An adventure. Sharing time with my hubby. :-)

He may say otherwise, but 90% of the time, I think he was happy we did this.

To wrap up 2015, we ate out 7 meals in December. (Lots of family and friend time = lots of meals out) We did two freebies for Christmas and December bonus.

We did not eat well, but a half a hamburger is better than a whole hamburger.

Moving forward in 2016, we won't stick to the plan as diligently as 2015 (with as strict of rules), but we will definitely always see it as an option for us when eating out. It definitely can't hurt. :-)

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