Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Let's keep trucking through December, shall we?

We continued celebrating the holiday season when we took the kids to SciWorks for their holiday eventon Friday, December 11. Santa was a highlight for my kids.

Not so much for my sweet niece...
Don't worry, Molly. It look me 10 years to get a good pic of my kids with Santa. :-)

I took Brooklyn (with both grandmas) on Saturday, the 12th, to see "The Secret Garden." This show has a special, special place in my heart as I performed it in with my sweet Blanche about 20 years ago. I LOVE the music and was thrilled that this show was being performed in town.

Then, Christmas REALLY came when, at last, Uncle Eric and Aunt Caroline arrived into town on Thursday, the 17th. Oh happy day! We were all so excited to start Christmas vacation with them and to squeeze them and love on them as much as we could!

They were perfectly timed for Jake's Christmas show at school.

And after we froze our hineys off at the HPU Community Christmas, we went out to dinner Friday night at Ham's.

Lots of eating and drinking and laughing...but most of the time was spent snuggling.

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