Friday, June 3, 2011

Brooklyn's Stage Debut

If you know Brooklyn at all you know this was a HUGE deal. After 3 failed pre-school Christmas shows and getting a big fat negative from her on the church kids choir, my daughter finally decided to show the world (well, her school) what she could do.

A lot of build up for a short video where she is by no means the star of the show, but the mere fact that she is standing up there and shed not one tear is huge.

And my battery decides to die right at the end of the song. I apologize for the shaky camera work but when I saw that light flashing I tried to search for new batteries while continuing to film.

And no, I didn't have spare batteries so this was the only proof I collected that morning.

But it's ingrained in my memory forever. :-)

1 comment:

familyofmgms said...

Yay Brooklyn!! What a milestone, and so great you got it on camera. :)


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