Thursday, June 30, 2011


Seriously, worst.blogger.ever.

I would say that I am super busy and don't have time to blog....or maybe that there is just nothing interesting going on...but really they are both true and then not true at all.

So, until I find the time to take a few pictures that are NOT on my iPhone and collect my thoughts into something witty and entertaining, I am sending my faithful blog readers elsewhere.

-I didn't have a Slow Cooker Sunday this week because we attended the wedding of one of my co-workers, Meg.

-Visit my friend, Mary's, blog. She is giving away things from Korea everyday this week. I mean, how can I compete with that???

-Dustin's Greenhouse was in Peru. Pretty amazing trip for these youth.

-And Russell turned two, Sophie lost a tooth, Ryan got a haircut, and Norah is smiling.

Thanks for keeping me entertained this week, blogger friends! I'll return the favor one day soon!

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