Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy Endings

Brooklyn's last day of school was about a week and a half ago. Before I forget, I wanted to share a few pictures from that special day.

Is anyone surprised that Brooklyn received the "The Mother Hen" Award, for always helping her classmates open drinks, find a seat, get a pencil, etc.?

Brooklyn's teacher was Mrs. Hamilton. Mrs. Hamilton was a fabulous teacher. She was so instrumental in working with Brooklyn on her confidence and her social skills. We were very lucky to have such a caring, sweet, patient teacher.

Lots of hugs goodbye that afternoon, but Brooklyn and Avery will see each other this summer at church and around town for playdates!

I was so lucky (since my camera battery had died the week before) that the kids decided to reprise their "Fifty Nifty" song at the end of the year party.

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