Friday, July 15, 2011

Our Sweet Callie Girl

While Chad and I were up way early packing the van and heading to the airport Tuesday morning, my precious in-laws were saying goodbye to our family dog, Callie. I say "our" dog because really Callie was the only pet that Brooklyn and Jake ever really knew well. Not being "pet people," Chad and I decided early on that cats and dogs were not in our future as a family, but we could always depend on this sweet golden retriever to give my kids a taste of what having a family dog is all about. Callie was the sweetest, most patient, quiet, loving dog ever, and both kids loved her sooooo much.

Brooklyn was a bit apprehensive when she was younger, but my in-laws were so great about letting her be a part of the "Callie chores." Brooklyn loved feeding her dinner and then watching her eat it all gone.
And Jake had just committed himself to being the official "Callie treat giver." He walks into the house every Sunday afternoon saying, "Callie- treat- Callie- treat."

Brooklyn took the news of Callie's passing really well, but Jake is still asking about Callie and treats. It will take a while, but for now, we told him that Callie is not home.

Rest in peace, sweet Callie girl. You warmed my cold, non-pet loving heart when you showed my babies that special kind of doggie love.

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