Sunday, July 17, 2011

Thursday, July 7: A Deputy and a Celebrity

On Thursday, July 7th, I did something that not too many people can say that they have done.

I became a Deputy Commissioner for the State of California.

At 11:40am, I was sworn in as a Deputy and thus given permission to legally marry Eric and Caroline. Basically, I get to sign their marriage license and then officially say, "By the power vested in me by the State of California as a Deputy Commissioner of Civil Marriages I pronounce you as husband and wife." What power! Ha ha!

My mom watched my two precious ones, and they decided to spend time riding rides outside the local Rite Aid. It's the little things that thrill them to death!

After I took the oath and signed the papers, Chad and I drove northeast to Pasadena where we met our friend, Brendan, for lunch. It was soooooo great to spend a few hours with Brendan and catch up (and laugh about college days).

Brendan showed us around Pasadena, including a drive by the Rose Bowl.

We really saw some beautiful California land in our driving that day. We ended the night at the yummy Souplantation with the whole family.

And a special happy birthday to my sweet hubby today! (And actually, cooincidentally, Brendan, too.) Happy Birthday, Chad! I love you so much!!

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