Monday, January 14, 2013

A Christmas Holiday: Your All-in-One Post on our Celebrations minus a lot of good pictures

Sorry, Blogger...I went to Facebook and posted my December Christmas pics, so take that. I was tired of seeing my Christmas post in my draft list.

Anyways, I am using Shutterfly for our family albums now. [I feel like I mentioned that already but seeing that this post has been in draft form for two weeks, I'm not sure what I have said on the internet at this point.] So, I just received my 2010 album in the mail last week and LOVE it. (Well, except for a few pages that didn't print correctly but within 2 hours of me emailing Shutterfly I was credited with a new book, made my corrections, and placed a second order.)

But overall, the picture quality was awesome, the layouts turned out so cute, and even at 95 pages, it is soooo much thinner compared to my Creative Memories albums. I'm sold for the future, but that means I must keep this blog up to date so I know what happened when. [But Blogger, you are NOT making it easy on me.]

So, back to Christmas. And because I don't want to lose my mind in a few months trying to locate 32 different posts on 32 different Christmas celebrations, I am putting them all in one.

But you will have to see all the good pictures on Facebook...these are just the ones I gleaned off my phone.

Christmas really started when Uncle Eric and Aunt Caroline arrived to town mid-December. Then, I finished work, school was out, and the eating and laying around commenced.

Because of schedules, we celebrated "Christmas Eve at Oma and Opa's" on the 23rd...but that worked out well because Eric and Caroline were able to attend AND we attended a really great Family Service at our church on the 24th.

Pretty much from Day 1, Brooklyn wouldn't let Uncle Eric out of her sight...

Oma and Opa's is a great place to take post-lasagna walks...
I don't have any phone pics from our Christmas morning at our house but the kids blew through their gifts in about 11 minutes. Brooklyn was very excited about the Discovery Laptop she got (just like her godsister, Zoe's!) and Jake was excited that Santa remembered his basketball. [They were easy to please this year.]

On the 27th, we had Christmas with my side of the family...Pajama themed.

Then, on the 29th, we had Christmas with Johnsons. Drew and Molly came into town and the kids had plenty for them to do right away. :-)

The next day, we had brunch with Chad's first cousins and their families. Always a great time...and we even managed a Johnson family pic.

Eric and Caroline were here, there, and everywhere, and while they were in Wilmington over New Year's, Brooklyn snuck in a sleepover with Nanny and Grandpa.

Judging by my bank receipts and the tightening in my jeans, I'd say we had three weeks of great eating and lots of fun.
But boy, were we worn out.

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