Tuesday, October 22, 2013

And then we kicked off Year 2....

Though not walking by his 1st birthday, Jake started walking soon after.

Where he quickly learned the "What? I'm not doing anything wrong" face.

This kid got into EVERYTHING.

But as he got a little more mobile, life got a bit easier. And we took our first trip to the park.

And we were introduced to tantrums.

Now, Brooklyn was no angel but she sure didn't grace us with faces like this very often. So we had to quickly figure out coping mechanisms for that.

I learned the #1 thing to pack for the beach- an 18 gallon plastic tub.

And Jake even took his first plane trip...to California and Las Vegas!

And again, in the blink of an eye and faster than you can say "Bla Bla" (Jake's name for Brooklyn this year), he was 2.

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