Thursday, October 24, 2013

Looking back on the last 12 months...

Ok- if the first few years went by fast, the last 12 months went by at an unbelievably record pace.

Chad and I have looked at each other more than once and said "Are we hallucinating or is this parenting two kids thing getting a little easier?"

This past year, Jake had his first trip to Bald Head Island, and became quite the (shoeless) fisherman.

He had his first pre-school Christmas performance and rocked it.

We said goodbye to the crib and he got his "Big Boy Room," much to my sadness and resistance.

Jake also became a big cousin. He fell in love with Baby Claire immediately and continues to be enamored by this sweet one.

And we started making him earn his keep around here...

Probably the thing that affected me the most this year was the Big.Boy.Haircut.


His smile was contagious, though, and soon I was smiling and embracing the new do.

He still loved the beach (thank goodness), and Brooklyn and Jake have really recently started playing together.

For short amounts of time.

He's still our Pookie, though, and such a snuggle bunny.
And a bit of a clown.

I fear he may not be a mama's boy for long, though, because he already started doing domestic work with his "wife," Haley.

What a face this one has! Still has that "What? I'm not doing anything wrong" face.

This boy melts me. His smile. His laugh. His engagement with friends and strangers alike. His compassion. His creativity.

This boy is gonna be 4 on Saturday. And I just can't believe it.

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