Friday, October 4, 2013

Stream of Consciousness Friday

And some iPhotos from the last week dumped in here, too.

You know, just for fun.

1. John Legend is one fine man. There I said it. I could listen to him sing (Ok, listen AND watch him sing) any day. Ok, I'm glad to get that off my chest.

2. I've started walking longer distances in my rehabilitation. Mostly 2-3 miles. It makes it easy when I get to go with people because it makes me happier and more entertained. Thanks to Patrick, Emily, Silas, and this cutie, Bella, for all the walks this week.

3. Ribs make me happy. However, eating ribs when one does not have the ability to churn out a pretty hearty workout afterwards causes one to gain a pound or four in a week. But the ribs have been eaten and it will be awhile before I do that again. Now, I am just dealing with the rib-sequences.

And there may have also been cheesecake involved.

4. Pictures that are as cute as these don't come the first time around.
You always have one like this that came before...

5. Is anyone else having some anxiety about next week's Glee? I may need a box of tissues and some emotional support. This isn't going to be easy.

6. So, Jake loves this pumpkin he got last weekend. He calls it "Little Guy" and it may or may not also sleep in his room. For those of you on Facebook who suggest I get him a dog, thank you, and I will be happy to buy him a dog and it will live at YOUR house.

7. Singing makes me happy. And it was nice to get my phone back on Sunday to see that Brooklyn snapped some pics of me doing something I love. 

8. It's National Recruitment Week for the Girl Scouts. If you are bored and want to help me out, visit, type in your zip code, which will direct you to our local site, and we are entered for a chance to win $5,000 as a council. No obligation for you, BUT if you really want to volunteer with the Girl Scouts, even better. Shoot me an email. :-) Here's a pic I posted on Instagram and Facebook showing my sweet little Girl Scout. She's growing up so fast!

9. This was my cart at Sam's this morning. Pretty much staples in our house now.

10. And finally, a quick update on me. Nope, this was not today. This was taken awhile ago, but it's been my inspiration today and I will be back in the saddle weight bench soon. Currently, I am doing walking, stretching, and very minimal weights...followed by lots and lots of ice and rest and blogging and Facebooking and writing annual performance reviews for staff. You know, all those things done on the couch. I feel minimal pain and just a bit of soreness after activity. Nothing crazy happening but I am trying to be extra cautious. I'm bored and stubborn and frustrated. But I'm not stupid. I attended my first zumba class yesterday in two weeks and rocked some modified moves and listened to my body (which at times said, nah....not a good idea). I felt good today and I am just gonna take the weekend to rest. 

And maybe listen to some John Legend.

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