Monday, October 21, 2013

It's someone's birthday week!

Can you all believe that Little Pookie is going to be 4 on Saturday?!

Me either.

Some days it feels like yesterday when the ultrasound tech said "It's gonna be a boy." {And when Brooklyn said softly from the corner, "nooooooooo."}

And then when Dr. Cousins, said "Whoa, here's a BIG baby boy!"

And when Chad and I laid eyes on our 8 pounds, 12 ounce son for the first time...
And I thought to myself, "What in the WORLD am I gonna do with a boy?!"

But it only took a few hours in C-section recovery and another glance at this sweet face to realize that I was smitten.

For real.

Now, for Brooklyn it took a few days weeks. She was not keen on sharing the spotlight and really didn't know what to do with this new family member. But she came around.

The year was full of twists and turns and surprises and challenges. We all slept in different beds and different rooms and at different times during the day and night. We learned how to change a baby boy's diaper. We struggled with being parents to two kids with two different sets of needs. I discovered the joy that was the "baby jail" (aka pack and play).

We traveled from the mountains to the beach and back again...

...and just made it our goal to survive.

And that we did, because in the blink of an eye, Jake was 1.

And life just got better and better....with a whole new set of challenges...

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