Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Let's blog about Halloween before Thanksgiving, shall we?

I guess my indifference to blogging about Halloween pretty much sums up how I feel about the holiday as a whole.

I don't get overly excited about Halloween...maybe it was 4 years of Halloweens on Franklin Street that did a number on me, or maybe it's my dislike ok, fear of clowns. Either way, Halloween is not a favorite, but I do appreciate all who love it and try really hard not to sway my children either way. Thus, I buy into all that they want to do.

Unfortunately (?), we were in Disney for a bunch of fall festivals and the church's annual Trunk or Treat, but Jake did get his full Halloween experience at school with a costume parade and trick or treating around the rooms and an afternoon sugar-fest.

Both kids, though, were also perfectly content with cash and candy from all 4 grandparents. :-)

Brooklyn had the choice to go Trick or Treating around the neighborhood, and thanks to her God-sister had her choice of three costumes, but said she didn't want to. I didn't ask twice.

So, I went to Zumba, and then we all met up at the pumpkin patch to get some (clearance) pumpkins and then eat out for dinner (which is kinda a treat in itself these days).

They were perfectly content with the evening, and I only had minimal candy left in the house.

Now, it was about two days later before we actually carved that clearance pumpkin, but Brooklyn had full reign and had a blast.

Jake did NOT want to touch the pumpkin goo...

But B did.

So, that's a wrap for Halloween. Now, on to Jake's final birthday celebration....

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