Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Little Pookie's birthday wrap up

Though we did celebrate Jake's birthday while we were in Disney, I just KNEW that I would get the "crappy mom award" if I tried to pass all that off as "the" birthday party. 1st birthday? yes. 2nd? sure. 3rd? possibly. 4th? Not a chance. These kids talk.

So, we planned a birthday party for Jake at the Children's Museum for the Friday we got back. We invited our church family, his "Carolina Cousins" and just a few friends from school to make a nice manageable group. Having just come back from our vacation, it was all I could do to muster up the energy to walk into Walmart and buy a cake.

But, Jake had a great time, I got "good mommy points," and all is well.

Jake is all about Monsters, Inc. these days...a great 2001 classic. It was so nice of Pixar to come out with the pre-quel this year so I could get this cute Monsters U cake for the party.

Target, however, is on my s---- list because they decided to not have ANYTHING Monsters U party related until the week AFTER the party. Jeez.

This was baby Claire's first trip to the museum and her first cousin birthday.
She loved the celery.

Our annual Big Red Chair Family Picture...


Thanks to my mom I actually got some pictures of Jake playing since I was a bit tied up in the party room. :-)

Carolina Cousins unite!

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