Saturday, November 23, 2013

Because plain old walking was getting kinda boring...

Quick Timeline Re-Cap for You:
Saturday, September 21- I injured my back.
September 21 and 22- I laid around.
Monday, September 23- Saw the doctor and got placed on modified activity.
Tuesday, September 24- I started walking.
Friday, September 27- I started getting antsy.
Sunday, September 29- Antsy evolved to boredom; Sent Chad to Target.
Monday, September 30- Started my FitBit adventure.
What's a Fitbit, you may ask?
Well, a Fitbit is one of the things that saved me from Walking Boredom.

Yes, I had some great walks with friends and talks with God while on modified activity. But you have to remember. I was coming off of a high intensity training program where I was doing lengthy planks, running crazy distances, and Zumba-ing my little a-- off. Walking wasn't cutting it.

But Competitive Walking?
Now, we're talking.

Fitbit is great because it is not only a pedometer, but it's also a social media experience. Fitbit allows you to have "friends" linked together so that you can see, daily, how many steps your friends have taken and also how you rank up against your friends in a 7 day span.

There are many different kinds of Fitbits. I have the basic model- $59.99 at Target, Best Buy, etc. It wears easily on the pant pocket or actually even attached to the bra.
(not my pants nor my fitbit but it was easier lazier to Google an image than stand up and take a pic)
It really is fun, as far as walking goes. You are encouraged to park farther away from entrances, take an extra trip up the stairs, and even run an extra half mile when exercising. You figure out that you walk about 6-7 miles a day in a Disney theme park. And that when you have a day of traveling to Hickory and sitting in meetings for work, you can barely break a mile.
But wait, there's more! Remember, I mentioned something about "ranking?"
If the "warm fuzzy feeling of being in first place" isn't enough for you, then you can do what I did. Participate in a healthy (no pun intended) competition each month. Last month, my Heart in Sol friends, with Chad and I, initiated a "Winner Dinner." Meaning the bottom half of our group buys dinner for the top half of the group based on average steps per day.
Can you believe that I was only 250 steps/day from being in the top half in October?! That's NOTHING in terms of a 10-14,000 step day. You better believe I now take those extra trips up the stairs and to the mailroom at work when I can. I was sooooo close. November is mine, baby!
To provide a source of encouragement (with a side of entertainment), we formed a Facebook group where we can taunt, cheer, make excuses, and post updates like this.

Thank goodness for screen shots. Otherwise, I would have never been able to capture the 3.5 minutes that I was in first place.

It really has been a great investment. You are so much more aware of your activity level. You can set goals, and your Fitbit will even have a little party for you when you reach those goals.

As the holiday season approaches and you start to think about what you could possibly tell your family to get you as a gift, think about a Fitbit.

And then friend me. I'll totally cheer you and taunt you.

But I'm not buying you dinner. Because as I type this blog, I am currently walking in place.

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