Sunday, December 8, 2013

November....'Cause it happened.

I just didn't seem to blog about it.

So, for the purposes of acknowledging the month that seemed to fly by without a second thought, here are a few pictures of what we did.

We made homemade muffins from scratch.
And ate them in jammies on the counter.
'Cause we could.

We enjoyed a few fall between crazy heat and then crazy wind and chill.

Brooklyn attended her first honor roll assembly. A/B Honor Roll (not bad for a week gone for strep throat and a week gone for Disney World).

I babysat this cutie for a few hours while her parents bought her a house. Yay!!

And just enjoyed having flashbacks of when my princess was the same age. :-)

We saw our God-daughter kick butt in the Wizard of Oz.

Jake had a Thanksgiving party at school....

I escaped for a Girls Night...

We had some KJ afterschool business meetings with the heirs to the company. :-)

My husband got the beginnings of his first tattoo.

A bad ass tattoo.

We stopped by my niece's house for a few hours on Thanksgiving just to say hello.

And take a pic or two.

And we had some great family pictures taken on the coldest, windiest day of the month.

Whew!! I don't know about ya'll but I'm glad I got that month blogged.

Now, on to December!

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