Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

...and my apologies for the most un-creative blog title ever. I think I've documented about 6 holiday seasons on this blog. Not a tremendous amount but enough that I just don't have enough creativity to spruce up "loading the family up in coats and driving 3 minutes down the road to snag a tree."

(And Kristie, don't feel bad. We've done the Lowes Christmas tree a few different times. Sometimes you just gotta do it.)

This year, as I mentioned, we did a step "up" from Lowes and did the tree lot down the road on the side of Wendover Ave. Quality stuff. Fabulous memories.

Christmas had to happen fast in our house because we hosted a party the first weekend in December. The kids were a great help, and I gave them free range for two days with the ornaments.

Then on the evening of the 3rd day, I rearranged them all to my liking and they were all none the wiser.

Tis the season for mama's Type A to rear its head.

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