Monday, December 30, 2013

It's a mini reunion!

I have to backtrack just a bit to mention a very special breakfast that I had on Monday morning before my family's Christmas.

First, let me introduce you to three very special girls.

Before the Carolina Girls, there were Stacey, Heidi, and Katie.

These were my high school best friends. Katie and I actually have been friends since about 7th grade when her family moved to Greensboro. And Heidi, as some of you can figure out, also crosses over to Carolina Girl status, as she went on from high school friend to 4-year college roomie.

Unfortunately, Heidi came down sick in Charlotte the night before our breakfast and had to miss, but I was able to see Katie, Stacey, and Stacey's baby boy, Max, that morning.

He was pretty cute. :-)

I have been always blessed in my life with fantastic girlfriends. It was so great to catch up with Katie and Stacey (and hear about their siblings and parents, too!). As I told them when I Facebook messaged the idea a few weeks before, "Facebook is great and all, but nothing beats an in-person meal and meeting."

And yeah, I was right. It was pretty awesome. Can't wait to plan our next one.

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